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About WUPrep

WUPrep Wilderness Urban Prepared, has one aim: To help you and your loved ones prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and logistically for survival – either as outdoors fanatics like  us or from natural disasters and societal conflicts.

Whether you are a beginner survivalist or practiced prepper, WUP is here as your community and resource to gain the awareness and skills necessary to save your life. More importantly, to help you protect and preserve the wellbeing of your loved ones and pets too <3

In times of war, the law falls silent.

Silent enim leges inter arma
― Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman Philosopher, 0106 – 0043)

Silvia Marten

I am the senior adventurer and survivalist expert with over 10 years experience. I have been adventuring longer than any of the other THAT guides, probably because they are my kids (either naturally or unofficial adoption). In fact actually this is all my fault. After years of dragging my kids on adventures they are now dragging me out on new adventures. It started with me taking them skiing and hiking now they take me climbing and mountain biking. My kids keep me young while I try to keep up with them. I refuse to grow up!


Lucy Dolan

I am a professional ski instructor, river guide, and comics geek.  Growing up (well getting taller) I began hiking, skiing and otherwise adventuring with my family. Recently I have fallen in love with the river, its been 3 years of guiding rivers now. There is just something about water, be it frozen or flowing, it draws me in.  I live where I work and love where I live.


John Woodsman

I speak Kiswahili, so that’s cool right? I am really good at chasing things.  I have chased everything from African wildlife, to runaway snowboards. As the youngest member of the crew I have been chasing my brothers anywhere and everywhere.  Whether that is up cliffs, down rivers, across mountain ranges, or anywhere in between.  By following in their footsteps my love for the outdoors has become what it is today.  I really enjoy climbing, long boarding, trail running, slack lining, and skiing.

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